October 2017

October 2017

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Here are some "shots" of the main entertainment during our Oregon Thanksgiving.
Yes...this was very serious fun.

Love, Us.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Yay! I am posting the Thanksgiving pictures before our first Christmas gathering!

We had a great Thanksgiving down near Salem, OR with Adam and Hayli's family.
There was TONS of great food, fun games, and even time for naps on the couch!
It was awesome.

Cousins...just "hanging out".

Therese prepared some fun games for the gathering:
Bingo (complete with prizes) and "Pin the Pie on the Table"!

Princess was the only one who didn't have a stellar Thanksgiving. 
She chose not to get along with her canine housemate, 
so she spent Thanksgiving outside.
Luckily, the wee ones made sure she got snuggles and pets a plenty.

And...just for fun, I snagged Patrick for a 5 year-old interview.

Next... the "REAL" fun at Thanksgiving this year:

Love, Us.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Some Pre-Return Pics

As you have guessed, or already know, 
Joe did return safe and sound from his "event" in Korea.
We kept busy and productive while he was away, so the time went by quickly.
Here are a couple pics from the days leading up to his return.

I was a bit creative when it came to T's weekly science experiments.
Here she is making pumpkin bread and seeing which candies 
and other kitchen staples would "disappear" when cooked within the bread.
Both the gummy bear and Jolly Rancher completely dissolved! True story.
And...it gave us a special treat to celebrate dad's return!

David wrote this letter to Dad...which we sent via text.
Oh, kids...never shy to ask for ridiculous things.

And isn't this little sailor man of David's just the cutest!?
I'm starting to see quite a bit of artistic skill come out of D lately. 

Lastly, here is our little cutie waiting with me in the car for daddy to be released.
We totally surprised the others when we got home!

Love, Us.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Some Random Filler Pics

I have recently found some "lost photos" that were either texted to me, 
or sent in a way that I lost touch with them for awhile.
I thought about just adding them to my previous posts that were applicable,
but I knew that they would not be "found" by those who check regularly for new posts.
So... here you go!
I will, at least, put them in chronological order.

First, these beauties from the day we left Marshall this Spring.

Some additional details from the Librandi Camping Trip 2017.

And...from the Verly/Lanoue Visit (Princess Delivery) 2017

Lastly, a few from the day-to-day this Fall here at Castellum Librandi!

Love, Us.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Tinker-Toy Arsenal

I'm sure our boys aren't the only ones. 
However, I was fairly impressed by their creativity.

Love, Us.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

This Season's Catholic Craft

I have come to realize that Thérèse always has to have a craft going in order to be content.
While dad was away, she decided that she wanted to make some rosaries.
I suggested that she make some simple decade rosaries.
So, T and D took the idea and ran.
I had a whole ton of beads from old broken jewelry, 
and they created some beautiful rosaries with them!

Aren't they beautiful!?

Love, Us.