Saturday, May 19, 2018

New Discoveries

We had some fun realizations in late March around here.

First…Romeo found his freckles!

And, Joe found out that he and my grandpa Bob were both in First Corps!
Pretty cool.

Love, Us.

Dad and Kiddo Times

For today, here are some pictures of great daddy/kiddo time.
First…a classic rumble in the library.
The kids are getting pretty good. Dad actually gets tapped out once in awhile!

Also, dad joined us for a sketching afternoon one Saturday.

It was really enjoyable, and we now have some great additions to our “Masterpiece Wall”.

Lastly, the big three and dad have been working on
American Sign Language (ASL) on the weekends.
I think we have finally found a second language that we all enjoy and are excited about!

Love, Us.

Late Lent Crafts

We had a rare messy craft time in March. 
We decorated some mini Easter baskets that the housing office gave the kids.
I think they turned out super cute!

T also finished up another of her baby blankets for a family friend.
Doesn’t she do a great job?!

Love, Us.