Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hi! It Has Been Too Long.

Don't worry. We are all well and squeaky clean.

Spring is in full swing!

We have spent quality time with loved ones, although we have failed to do the same here.

Being homeless and without dad has made life a bit slimy and unpleasant now and then.

However, we have tried our best to smile through it all and remember that His plan is perfect.

With one day of standardized testing left, our summer is just hours away!

Hopefully we will "see" you more regularly next season.

Love, Us.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Our January in Marshall

We arrived in Marshall at what should have been mid-winter. 
However, in many ways, it seems as though we brought spring with us from Missouri.
We have had just as many, if not more, above-freezing days than below freezings days here since arriving.
It has not only been pleasant outdoors, however.
We have also, for the most part, been having a truly easy and enjoyable time here at "Grandma and Bumpa's".
In an attempt to somehow catch up, here (in random order) are several momentous and minute events from our first month here.

#1: The boys arrived in desperate need of a haircut. 
See future pictures for the after shots.

Here is Rome sporting a Steve Cross 'do half-way through Aunt Ruthie's cut.

#2: We endured the transitions between bathrooms, as all three were created/redone in our presence.

#3: Lots of snuggles were had!

#4: Patrick and the rest of the gang became fast friends with "Fatso".

#5: School continued on in a new environment.

#6: Princess learned that she could both boss Roger around and snuggle next to him when needed.

#7: The kids learned that chores aren't only for "real homes".

#8: The kids also learned that it was worth getting school done in a timely matter in order to go have the "real fun" at their cousins' place. 

Love, Us.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Evangeline's First Month in Marshall

Yeah. I have been horrible.
Fortunately (or unfortunately, if you have been waiting and waiting for me to post), 
I now am able to send pictures to Joe via text.
Therefore, I have lost my immediate need to blog regularly.
I will try to get better, though.
I promise.

So... due to my long delay, here is a collection of how our sweet Evangeline 
has grown over her first month here in MN.

These ARE in chronological order.
Enjoy the cuteness!

Yup. That is Evangeline and little T!

She LOVES her Bumpa and he loves her!

As a true Librandi kid, she gets her tummy time. It either ends in tears or dreams after many tiny push-ups.

Can you see her dark blue eyes!? I am SO excited!!

Isn't she cute!

...just not from the back. Can you say mullet? Poor girl.

Love, Us.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Our Last Days in Missouri

We returned to our home just in time to pack it all in a truck, live without furniture for a few days, and hit the road!

First of all, after an eventful Christmas ending in sickness, we all felt like this:

A couple days of recuperation got us back on our feet (or knees), though.

Our packing went smoothly enough that we had some time to have a couple last fun family outings.

We also just happened to head out for ice cream and hit Culver's BOGO sales hour!

The Evangeline snuggles were non-stop, even amidst the craziness.

And once again... all of our earthly goods are in the back of a semi!

To bide our time until officially signing out of housing, we were very excited to find 
"A Series of Unfortunate Events" on Netflix (whose audiobooks we had recently fallen in love with)!
As well, we all got to know the Presidents a bit better via a puzzle!

The trip up to MN ended up being just in front of/behind (still trying to figure out which) an ice storm.
But, we made it, and our homeless, fatherless time officially began in mid-January.

Love, Us.